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Madison Hebrew Roots Fellowship is a local Messianic Congregation in Madison, WI where pagan holidays are no longer practiced in our worship and are replaced by actual Biblical holidays set up by Elohim (God) Himself in the Bible according to His calendar.

Our ministry includes encouragement, fellowship, guidance, learning materials, pastoral care, Sabbath Day meetings, observance of the 7 annual Feasts/Moedim (i.e. -appointed times) of Yahweh and various other religious activities that will help strengthen your relationship with Him and guide you in your spiritual journey.

You are invited to visit one of our services and begin to discover the Hebrew Roots of the Christian Faith. Find out what has been swept under the rug and hidden from us by our religious forefathers long before any of us were born, such as:

  • How our Bible versions have hidden the name of God (i.e.-YHWH), and his Son's name (i.e.-Yeshua).

  • How God has a different calendar than we do and is still running the world by it.

  • How most people are following the wrong calendar, and why we need to follow God's Calendar.

  • Why Jesus (Yeshua) was raised up from the dead on Saturday instead of Sunday.

  • Why we should be keeping God's holidays, instead of pagan holidays.

  • How the word "Passover" was wrongfully replaced with "Easter" by Martin Luther and William Tyndale in their new language bible versions.

  • Why the commandments have never passed away and are still required.

  • How many more commandments exist in the NT than in the OT.

  • How many more instances of grace (favor) exist in the OT than in the NT.

  • How the word "Law" is misunderstood and really means teaching, directions, and instructions.

  • How the NT teaches against behaving in a "Lawlessness" manner.

  • Why "Holiness" requires us to stay separate from or "Set-Apart" from certain things.

  • Why you are not considered to be a Gentile after you get saved or take up Yahweh's covenant.

Email now or call us during business hours to inquire about our meetings.  We meet every Saturday at 10:30 a.m. or 608-467-9031

About Our Congregation

Our assembly operates as a team of Bible believers with the goal of following the words of the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. We also insist on interpreting scriptures in light of the surrounding context of verses instead of establishing doctrine on the basis of only one verse or part of a verse. Unlike some groups, we don’t throw away any part of the Bible or claim that it has passed away. Throughout history, both the Christian Church and Judaism have added to, and taken doctrines and practices away from the guidelines recommended by the Scriptures, but we seek to restore true worship and religion by "Teshuvah" (repenting, returning or restoring) ourselves back to the pathway of Yahweh's original instructions.

Some may think that we are trying to be Jews or act Jewish because we follow some of the same scriptures, commandments, and practices as they do, but the main difference between us is that we additionally believe and follow Yeshua HaMosiach (Jesus the Messiah) who is the only begotten son of the Elohim (God) of Israel. Many who are returning to Torah are probably part of the ten scattered northern tribes of Israel.  In fact, any person, no matter their gender, race or nationality who wants to take up Yahweh's Covenant, are no longer Gentiles, aliens, and strangers, but have been brought close by the blood of Christ and have become merged into one new man with Israel, and now belong to the "commonwealth of Israel," according to Ephesians Chapter 2. Gentile Christianity is not supposed to annex, assimilate, or absorb Israel, but Israel is supposed to be the surviving entity of the merger. The New Jerusalem will have 12 entrance gates named after the 12 tribes of Israel. It will not have an entrance gate called "Christian" or the name of any Christian denomination.

It is hard to put a label on us, but most people refer to us as Messianic, Hebrew Roots, Hebraic Christians or simply Natsarim (Nat-zar-eem = Nazarenes). We exist to bring true repentance by exposing Bible believers to the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith, and to plant like-minded congregations around the state and country to help other people of other areas be exposed to the Hebrew Roots of the faith.

What We Do

  • We maintain a congregation where like-minded believers who have discovered the Hebrew Roots of their faith can worship, grow, and fellowship with each other.

  • We help you and others return to the once forgotten “old paths” to help you “find rest for your souls.” (Jeremiah 6:16)  The path of true Teshuva (i.e. -repentance) is one of Torah-observance in agreement with our Messiah Yeshua, and the Holy Spirit (i.e. -Ruach HaKodesh).

  • We stay ready to receive Christians and others as a supportive nursery after Yahweh has opened their understanding to such things as keeping the Sabbath Day, the Commandments of Torah and Yeshua, the 7 annual Feasts (Appointed Times) of Elohim (God) and other things associated with a return to the Hebrew Roots (foundation) of the Christian faith.

  • We expose the alarming difference between the paganism found in the majority of Christian churches vs. the purity modeled in the Scriptures.  Part of this is due to the intimidation and takeover of the church by the Roman Empire, and another part due to the fact that names, terms, definitions, and Hebraic cultural idioms have been lost in translation.

  • We let word definitions in the Tanach (Old Testament) override or replace the definitions in the Brit Chadasha (New Testament) whenever they are in conflict. We also interpret Scripture from a Hebrew viewpoint, according to the Hebraic culture of the time when it was written. We hold Biblical Hebrew definitions as superior to Biblical Greek ones.

  • We help to stamp out dysfunctional doctrines and practices, which are adversarial to the words and intent of the Scriptures in order to ensure peace, progress, and solidarity to this spiritual awakening.

  • We help to establish other like-minded congregations with at least one elder.

Our Leadership

John and Ida Carlin

Pastor: John Wesley Carlin

John’s formal religious training was at Trinity Bible College of Ellendale, ND.  His official ministry started at age 21 in a Pentecostal denomination as a travelling evangelist and a gospel singing/recording artist with his wife, Ida, who is our worship leader. John has also served in other churches over the years as minister of music, sound man, and as a supplemental teacher/preacher. He is founder and pastor of Overcomer’s Church here in Madison, WI which started in about 2001, operating as a Full Gospel/Spirit Filled/Charismatic/Pentecostal ministry. In 2009, the church embraced the Hebrew Roots of its Christian faith, and John continues to pastor the congregation under the outreach ministry name of Madison Hebrew Roots Fellowship.


                                                 Congregational Affiliation & Structure:

Messianic Covenant Community

We are members in good standing with MCC (Messianic Covenant Community).

Overcomer's Church, Inc. is organized as a Wisconsin 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and does business as Madison Hebrew Roots Fellowship of Madison, WI.



 Throughout this website we might be using:

  • The Hebrew name YAHSHUA in place of the name of JESUS;

  • The Hebrew name YAHWEH in place of the title of LORD;

  • The Hebrew title ELOHIM in place of the title of GOD;

  • The Hebrew title RUACH HAKODESH for the title of HOLY SPIRIT;

  • The Greek title SCRIPTURES for the title BIBLE;

  • The Hebrew title BRIT CHADASHA for the title of NEW TESTAMENT;

  • The Hebrew title TANACH for the title OLD TESTAMENT;

  • The Hebrew title TORAH for the FIRST FIVE BOOKS of the Bible.



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